We welcome all of your questions and comments and we'll do everything possible to respond as quickly as we can.
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Our favorite Dive Operator in Cozumel, Mexico...
Vela Divers
Our favorite Dive Resort in North Sulawesi, Indonesia...
Murex Dive Resorts
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Frameable Photocards would love to hear from you...
Help us to help everyone learn!  Though we confess to having an insatiable interest in the underwater world, we don't profess to be Marine Biologists.
All of our critter descriptions are gleaned from local dive guides, textbooks, and those who share our passion.  We try to be well informed, but if we've misidenentified a particular subject or anything about it, we want to know so we can set the record straight.   
Do you have a favorite dive destination?  Or, how about a favorite photo subject?  We have dozens and dozens of underwater photos - maybe even one you'd love to see as a Frameable Photocard.  We're always working hard to add more to our collection.
Feel free to get your feet wet!  Send us an e-mail with your inquiry or recommendation.  We'd love to be of service in any way we can.  Just ask!
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You can buy cards at our favorite Dive Shop in Sacramento, California
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You can buy cards at our favorite Dive Shop in Houston, Texas
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You can buy cards at our favorite Aquarium & tropical fish store in Houston, Texas
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